The Garden: reading and reception

October 27th, 2:00pm to 4:00pm

The Garden Reading and Reception Sat. Oct. 27 2 pm

The Garden

Fifteen-year-old Elias and his family are caught in the middle of an international conflict – the deadly crossfire between the Syrian Army and government-opposed Rebels. Dangers mount, conditions worsen, and after witnessing the tragedy of war and the indignities of a refugee camp, Elias finds himself a newcomer in Canada where he comes face to face with completely new battles – culture shock, racism, and bullying.

Inspired by the stories of her newcomer students and their families, Meghan Ferrari has written a poignant yet inspiring young adult novel that sheds light on the social impact of modern military conflict and the plight of innocent victims displaced by it. It provides readers with empathy, respect and a deeper understanding of our new neighbors uprooted by war.

About Meghan Ferrari

Meghan Ferrari received an BA (Hons) in English and History and a B.Ed from Queen’s University, as well as a MA in Social Justice Education from the University of Toronto. She is an active member of the Aurora Public Library Writers’ Group, and has published poetry and short stories. She presently shares her passion for literacy as an educator with the York Catholic District School Board.


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